Elders Real Estate, Ballarat and Avoca provide outstanding services for both rural and residential property.

Elders Real Estate in both Ballarat and Avoca incorporate all the values of one of the oldest Rural companies operating in Australia. Our teams of experienced agents offer enthusiasm and maximum support to market and sell your property. A personalised, comprehensive marketing program can boost the final result and we pride ourselves on working to achieve a successful sale. Should you be looking to purchase we are available to register your interest and will endeavour to find your new home.

Our radius includes Ballarat, Western and parts of the Central regions. Avoca covers a further 50k area (Amphitheatre, Elmhurst, Dunolly included)

For a no obligation appraisal of your home or investment property either call our staff or use our online form

This year we celebrated 175 years of service and we have more visions for the future.

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